2 - Setting up QuArK for Kingpin - Customizing the interface...

QuArK 's interface is very flexible. Many options are available.
Key and mouse buttons assignment , colors, palettes position, visual appareance,etc... can be modified to suit the user's preference.

1)-QuArK appearance at starting.

2)-Click Toolbars in the menu. Uncheck Terrain modes and Select Tool Palette in the list.

3)-Then click and drag the remaining palettes in one line.

4)-Click the Lock views icon for unlocking combined zoom and pan.

5)-Click Options in the menu then Configuration... Click Keys in the Map sub-menu.
I recommend to choose two very handy keys for Increase grid step and Decrease grid step

6)-Still in the Map sub-menu, click Options
Check options in GREEN. Unheck options in ORANGE .

7))-Still in the Map sub-menu, click Colors
Here you can change many features color. Personaly, I adjust the views background and the grid colors.

8)-Here is the result.

9)-In the General sub-menu, click 3D view.
Set "Far" distance to 10000
Set Textures max-dimension to 256
Fog color is the background color in the OpenGl view. When the level becomes complex, a clear color can help to spot the leaks. .

10)-Still in the General sub-menu, click OpenGL.
Disable Fog.
Set Lights to Disabled

11)-Click Ok .


Felikkz7. May 2013