1 - Setting up QuArK for Kingpin - A new Kingpin map in a dozen of clicks...

QuArK is still under development. The latest version includes support for recent games.
But for Kingpin, I prefer a previous version : QuArK 6.5.0alpha8.
I also recommend the improved buid tools: txqbsp39, timvis3 and arghrad3.
You can find both on the DOWNLOAD page.

1)-QuArK starts with its own Explorer.

2)-Click Games and check Kingpin in the list.

3)-Click Edit and then Configuration....

4)-The Configuration... panel opens...Click Kingpin.

5)-Fill the fields highlighted in green by clicking on ...
-Path to Directory of Kingpin
-1st program : Path to txqbsp39.exe
-2st program : Path to timvis3.exe
-3st program : Path to arghrad.exe

6)-Click Ok .

7)-Click new Kingpin map.

8)-The Map editor opens with a new map already made.

9)-In the menu, click KingPin and click GO.

10)-Mission accomplished...


Felikkz7. May 2013