11 october 2017
Added official Cover for NightWork. Added link to KINGPIN.info website.

7 april 2015
Added a custom ICON made by Androxilogin.

7 january 2014
Introducing the COMPLETE KINGPIN TEXTURE SELECTOR. A tool for mappers. Easy browsing and selection of all Kingpin textures in a convenient HTML interface.

12 may 2013
Added new page MISCELLANOUS with a QuArK tutorial.

4 january 2013
NightWork V1.2.
The patch 1.2 includes the 1.1 changes

13 december 2012
Patch 1.1. Correcting possible issues in chapters 2&3
when playing in NOVICE or EASY levels
A complete NightWork v1.1 will arrive later.

6 december 2012
After one month of expert beta testing by Mr Damage,
many bugs fixed and some improvements...
NIGHT WORK at the FACTORY is ready.

8 november 2012
NIGHT WORK at the FACTORY is ready.

26 october 2012
7 new screenshots added.

18 october 2012
8 new screenshots added.

9 october 2012
Lauching of the website.